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I've read, skimmed through this once before and I must have forgotten to comment. As is, other than a few spelling mistakes, I find thi...

Where to start... I guess I will start with one of the things that stood out to me, the dialogue. While it isn't mentioned that Eric is...



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When I woke up, I found myself hooked up to monitors and staring up at the blinding lights of a sterile hospital. I wasn’t feeling any pain, though I was certain that meant that I was something nice and strong in the pain killer department. It took me a long few minutes to remember why I was glad that I wasn’t in pain and as soon as I did, I began to cry. My boyfriend had tried to kill me. He’d probably successfully killed dozens of other people.

“Oh, Adym, baby,” my mother gushed, suddenly in my field of vision and brushing my hair back gently. “Everything’s going to be alright. The doctor says you can go home as soon as the anesthesia wears off.”

“Where’s Jake?” I asked, my voice raspy and my throat sore. “What happened to him?” For a moment, she stiffened and pulled back to take my hand in hers.

“Jake… and the others he had conspired with… were all gunned down by police,” she said, her hands squeezing mine in a way that said she was not unhappy with the results despite knowing that (on her end) Jake was my best friend.

“Why did he do this?” I asked though I doubted she had any better idea than I did right now.

“I don’t know, baby,” she said softly. “There’s some early theories that he was being bullied for being gay and that had been the catalyst.” I tensed up at that and saw the realization in her eyes. I had been being bullied even though I hadn’t exactly come out of the closet, but when I started dating Jake, he came out so try and alleviate some of the bullying against me. It backfired and it’d caused him to become the newest target.

“He was…” I agreed quietly and she pulled her hands back from me. I could see it. That look of disgust that she was trying to hide behind her worry. This reaction had been why I hadn’t come out of the closet yet. I knew my mother didn’t like homosexuals, but she was the only family that I had.

“I’m going to go check on getting you released,” she said before getting up and quickly disappearing from the room. I bit back the shame that bubbled up, deciding to once again hide my sexuality from her. Just because everyone thought that I was gay wasn’t a reason to admit to it. I could keep pretending that girls just didn’t like me.

Slowly, I pushed myself up in the hospital bed. I could hear the cries of families finding out their loved ones were dead. I could hear the rage of people who didn’t understand how Jake and his friends had gotten to this point. No one ever understood just how awful kids could be or how impossible it was to escape their ridicule in this technology and social media age. But not all of us could look far enough into the future to get past the everyday struggles of high school as anything less than the social norm.

I had a bandage on my shoulder with gauze wrapped around my chest to hold it there. There were also all sorts of bruises and small cuts over most of my body. I guess despite Nick having covered me with his body, I still took quite a bit of damage. Images of the explosions and the chaos began to replay in my mind and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing again. There were a lot of people who deserved what happened at the football field, but most of those people didn’t. Most of them were innocent and had been trying to steer clear of the bullies themselves.

“Adym, you shouldn’t be moving yet!” my mother exclaimed as she came back into the room. I rolled my eyes a bit at that.

“If I shouldn’t be moving then I can’t go home,” I pointed out.

“Besides the point,” she said, setting a set of disposable scrubs on the bed. “Your clothes are still at the school and your band uniform was ruined. The hospital is giving you these because they need the rooms and beds more than you need to be here.”

“Lovely that I don’t need to be hospitalized after being shot,” I muttered as I started removing the sticky leads on my skin. I figured if the machines started screaming then a nurse would be in there sooner rather than later to take out the IV needle. “But I guess if I’m still alive then I may be better off than most of the people who were at the game…”

“Exactly, you are alive,” she said as she helped me pull on the pants of the scrubs. They were stiff and rough textured which made me think that they weren’t normally worn without something under them. “And aside from not popping your stitches, all I have to do is give you medicine to avoid a blood clot, pain, and infection. So, it sounds like two weeks of Netflix for you.”

“Sounds like a blast,” I muttered as the nurse came in and began to remove the IV from my arm. I was quiet as the doctor went over my discharge paperwork with my mother before she came over to help me pull on the shirt. I could already tell that I was going to be shirtless for a few weeks. It was far too painful to have to raise my arms above my head.

"I just need to flush your eyes one more time," the handsome male nurse said, shaking a bottle of saline. "We don't want to risk having missed any dirt earlier." I nodded some and tilted my head back so that he could flush my eyes. It was really annoying and I was glad that they had done it before while I was unconscious. "Now, they may be red and dry or burn a little for the next few days. Don't rub them. Just flush them with water and use eye drops to avoid damage if there is a grain of sand left."

       "Yeah, no problem," I said, giving him a slight nod. I was certainly well aware of how to avoid damaging my eyes. It was generally the same instructions I got whenever I used contacts. I sat up straight again and started to slide off the bed.

       "Slow down, Adym," the nurse said, catching me before I could get off the bed. "Hang out a sec while I go get a wheelchair to take you out of here." I sighed, but nodded and settled back onto the bed.

       "Don't worry, baby," Mom said. "We'll be home before you know it."

       "Yeah." My mind was already starting to process things. And the one thing that I was becoming increasingly aware and apprehensive of, was that they were already tying this incident to Jake being bullied because he was gay. He wasn't actually gay. He was more bisexual if anything, but he had said he was gay to try to help me and everyone at school knew we were dating. Which, if like everything else in high school, would mean that it would come back to me as why my boyfriend and his friends decided to kill or try to kill so many people.
Consequences 2
What? two posts in ... less than a year? I'm in shock... besides, I'm bored and I thought yall might want some continuation...
It was a Friday night like any other in modern history. It was Homecoming at the high school and the majority of students were in attendance at the football game. Seemed like half the county was there too to represent their alumni classes and tailgate. Seriously, who tailgates for high school football games? But it was a night like this that changed everything for our little community.

For almost twenty years now, there have been random school shootings and every time a new one happens the adults always say that they never thought it would happen in their community. It's such a naive way to view the world, but adults like to put on blinders to the consequences that always seem to follow the judging they do and the bullying they allow their children to do. Not all of the bullied or judged kids had support systems or were able to compartmentalize the crap they took and would go postal on their tormentors.

That Homecoming night was one of those points where someone couldn't take anymore. I was sitting in the part of the bleachers sectioned off for the band, my best friend was sitting across the stairs and trying hard to act like he was interested in the game, and my boyfriend was... Well, I had no idea where my boyfriend Jake was that night. I was actually kind of glad that he wasn't around. Things hadn't been good between us the last few months, but I was hesitant to break up with him because he'd been dealing with a lot of shit since he refused to hide our relationship.

The stadium erupted into cheers as the ball crossed into our end zone and I pulled my trumpet to my lips so that we could start our fight song. It never failed that when our team scored we played it. Suddenly, a cannon went off and the entirety of the bleachers rocked violently. The cheers turned to screams and I lowered my trumpet as I looked around in an effort to figure out what was going on.

All around me, the world erupted into chaos and terror. I could hear more cannon-like booms and the bleachers rocked on every other one. The sound of the metal buckling reached my ears and I understood why everyone was panicking and trampling each other to get off the bleachers. They were collapsing and I knew in my head how dangerous it would be to be on the bleachers when they crumpled under me. But then something that sounded like one of Jake's video games only louder started to erupt and even more people began screaming.

"Adym!" my best friend yelled, grabbing my wrist to pull me with him.  I stumbled after him, still in shock over this scene that seemed to be playing straight out of a nightmare.  I let Nick pull me down the metal and concrete steps until a deafening and bone rattling noise came from my right and we were both thrown off our feet. I felt arms wrap around me as Nick grunted and painfully loud noises of crunching metal and concrete echoed all around my head.

"Shit!" Nick hissed and I tried to open my eyes to see what was wrong. I whimpered at the pain that the act caused me. "Don't open your eyes, Adym..." he said softly even as I felt his hand brushing something off my face. "Too much dirt... and... I can see who is shooting from here..."

"Wh-who?" I asked, keeping my voice low like he was.

"Chris Smith, Alyssa Clark, Seth something... and Jake," he said and I swore I could hear the hesitation when he mentioned my boyfriend. I shook my head a little,  unable to believe that my boyfriend would be involved in this. Though that nagging feeling was there. The others he'd named had been the kids Jake hung out with when he wasn't with me. I flinched at the sound of gun shots growing closer to us and then whimpered in pain the movement had caused.

"Jake... don't..." Nick pleaded as I felt his body shift slightly to look up. I managed to open my eyes enough to see a blurry and red version of my boyfriend's face. "It's Adym! Your boyfriend! Don't do this, Jake!" There wasn't a verbal answer, but a couple of loud pops that left my ears ringing and an excruciating burning pain in my shoulder.

Nick screamed before hiding his face in my shoulder, his hands tightening in my band uniform. I was able to see enough to watch Jake walk away from us before I moved my hand to Nick's side. I didn't feel the same soaking wetness that was on my chest, but a warm wetness was starting to soak through the thick polyester pants of my band uniform.

"You're bleeding..." I breathed, trying to move my hand to find the source.

"So are you..." he replied. "But I'm also pinned..." I frowned and shifted until I could reach where he was bleeding. It only took me a minute before I realized there was too much blood and I started to take off his belt. "Adym... what are you doing?" he asked, almost sounding embarrassed.

"Too much blood," I muttered, grinding my teeth some as I tried to ignore how moving my arms made the place Jake shot me hurt more. "Need to... make a tourniquet... and I don't have a belt..."

"Adym..." Nick groaned, moving enough to let me get the belt around his thigh and tighten it enough to slow the bleeding. "We need to get out of here, Adym..."

"We're pinned... and my phone is in my trumpet case..." I muttered. My trumpet case being all the way in the band room on the other side of the bus parking lot. There was even the baseball field between the football stadium and the parking lot.

"Mine's in my back pocket..." he murmured and I shifted my hand so that I could get it out for him.

"You call..." I said softly, letting my aching eyes close. My head hurt and my vision wasn't getting any clearer and I felt really tired.

"Okay... but keep talking to me, Adym..." he said and I could hear his fear and pain in his voice. I vaguely listened as  he talked to a 9-1-1 operator, but used my fingers clenching in his shirt to both keep myself awake and let him know that I was alive. I heard the sirens of the emergency vehicles, the voices of the police over the megaphones telling them to lower their weapons. I heard the barrage of bullets and I just knew that everything was over.

"They're coming to help us, Adym," Nick said and I blinked for a moment. It was enough to see the firemen coming over and I gave him a small smile.

"Good..." I murmured, letting my eyes close again. Both of us ended up crying out as the metal bleachers were cut to free us. Before they were done, Nick's body went completely slack and I could only guess that he'd passed out from blood loss or the pain. I barely made it into an ambulance before I passed out myself.


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So like we all know, I went back to school in like 2012... And having to focus on and remember things that had nothing to do with my wonderful stories and lovely characters slowed down my writing a lot. Well, when a job in that line of work didn't pan out, I took the H&R Block tax training class and became a tax professional! Yay! Applause! Woo!

Yeah... This part time job has literally taken over my life and it is still only PART TIME! It feels full time though since I end up working 4-6 days a week even if it's only for an hour or two. Yay appointments in the preseason.

Well, I've set myself up to have even less time and less ability to creatively think. I submitted the application to be an office manager and they accepted it. So I'll be running an office, which means I get to stress about things I have no real control over.

But before you panic, yes, we are still writing, I am still writing. There is just too much jumping around from story to story to go getting you all involved with characters that we might not touch again. So don't worry. Things will one day appear in  your in boxes!
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